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About Company

We are a leading company in the industry and we provide specific solutions for our every customers.

Pasdun Services is a Group of Companies which holds multiple fields of commercial services and products all around Sri Lanka. Our main object is to provide the best solutions within the country by offering various opportunities in financial, educational and service sectors. construction companies kalutara

We cover a great range of products and services including construction, transport, agriculture, education, events and party, health and entertainment. Join us and experience the true meaning of a reliable service!.. construction companies kalutara

Construction Services

Building Construction

Building constructions, House construction services, Interior, Exterior, Roofing, Painting, Decorations and Landscaping.
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Interior Constructions

Interior Constructions, Floor, Wall, Staircases, Handrails, Decorations, Designing, Furniture and Accessories.
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Architecture Design & Drawing

Architecture Design, Initial Planning, 2D, 3D Drawings, Architectural Drawings, 3D Videos and All the Required Documents.
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Other Services

Transportation and Machinery

Cars and Wedding Cars, Vans for Trips and Tours, Small Lorries, Lorries, Tipper Trucks, Tractors, Three Wheeler and All Your Vehicle Transportation Needs.
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Agriculture and Farming

Organic Fertilizer, Plants, Seeds, Agricultural Machinery and Equipment, Raw Materials, Related Constructions and All the Required Consultations.
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Party and Events

Weddings, Parties, Events, Cakes, Catering Services, Beauty Salon Needs, Dressing, Wedding Cars, Photography, Flowers and Related Services.
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