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Building Construction

House construction services, Building constructions, Interior, Exterior, Roofing, Painting and Decorations.

Interior Constructions

Interior Constructions, Floor, Wall, Staircases, Handrails, Decorations, Designing, Furniture and accessories.

Architecture Design & Drawing

Architecture design, Initial planning, 2D, 3D drawings architectural drawings, 3D Videos and all the required documents

Estimation and QS

Initial Rough Estimation, House Estimation, Quantity Surveying, BOQs for Bank Loans, Documents needed for approvals

Aluminum Fabrications

Aluminum Fabrications, Partitions, Cubicles, Doors, Windows and Aluminum Related Constructions

Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring, Single Phase Wiring, 3 Phase Wiring, House wiring, Factory and Industrial Wiring, Electrical Equipment.

Pantry Cupboards

Aluminum Pantry Cupboards, Wooden, Glass, Manufactured Boards and Synthetic Polymer Pantry Cupboards.

Roofing Solutions

Finished roofing, unfinished roofing, amano sheets, poly acrelic sheets, asbastos roofing, gutters and down piping.


Wooden ceiling, Aluminum and boarded ceilings, ipanel ceiling and all types of roofing and ceiling solutions

Showcases and Glass

Aluminum and Glass Showcases, Tempered Glass, Manufactured Boarded Items, Pantry Cupboards, Display Racks.


Doors and Windows, Roofing and Ceiling, Wooden Pantry Cupboards, Wooden Flooring, Cladding and Walls, Furniture