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We are supplying your home needs as your order with giving the best value to your time. Stay what you are doing as we make your shopping done for you. We deliver your order in time and quality is guaranteed with money back policy. Pay your amount of bill after received your order.

Terms and Conditions

It’s all to provide you a best service!

  • Minimum order should be worth more than Rs.1000.00.
  • Orders worth less than Rs.1000.00 will be rejected.
  • Place your order with describing your needs with their brands. We only supply  branded materials and goods to maintain quality of the service.
  • If you required specific materials or goods you may have to describe those things to Conway better ordering.
  • Payments are to be settled at the delivery. Card payments are accepted.
  • Returning is only allowed at the delivery. No returning is allowed after the delivery.
  • Working hours are 6.00 A.M to 10.00 P.M including weekends and holidays.

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