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Catering Services

Catering Services, wedding catering, party, office, special events, beverages, snacks, bites and all your catering needs.

Flower Decorations

Flower decorations, settee backs, table, welcome arches, flower bouquets, hall decorations and all your flower decoration needs.

Music Bands

Music Bands, classic, calypso, rock, 3 pieces and all types of music bands, sounds and equipment needed.

Wedding Cars

Wedding cars, classic and modern wedding cars, vehicles for wedding hires and all the required decorations and services.

Photography Services

Wedding photography, pre-shots, birthday parties, special events, albums, videos and all your photography needs.

Bridal Dressing

Bridal Dressing, makeups, facials, hair dressing, wedding dressing and dress making, nails decorations and beauty salon needs.